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Mixed Pixel Decomposition Based on Extended Fuzzy Clustering for Single Spectral Value Remote Sensing Images

Kaur, Sumit, Bansal, R. K., Mittal, Mamta, Goyal, Lalit Mohan, Kaur, Iqbaldeep, Verma, Amit, Son, Le Hoang
Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 2019 v.47 no.3 pp. 427-437
algorithms, models, remote sensing
The presence of mixed pixels in remote sensing images is the major issue for accurate classification. In this paper, we have focused on two aspects of mixed pixel problem: firstly, to identify mixed pixels from an image and secondly to label them to their appropriate class. In phase I, extraction of mixed pixels has been performed from the RSI images-based super-pixel algorithm and RGB model by using fuzzy C-means (FCM). In phase II, the extracted mixed pixel from phase I has been decomposed to the appropriate class. This new proposed technique is the amalgamation of PSO-FCM (particle swarm optimization-fuzzy C-means) for clustering of mixed pixels and ANN-BPO (artificial neural network-biogeography-based particle swarm optimization) for the classification purpose. Experimental results reveal that the proposed method has improved the accuracy as compared to the existing techniques and succeeds in better classification of the remote sensing images.