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Utilization of induction furnace steel slag in concrete as coarse aggregate for gamma radiation shielding

Baalamurugan, J., Ganesh Kumar, V., Chandrasekaran, S., Balasundar, S., Venkatraman, B., Padmapriya, R., Bupesh Raja, V.K.
Journal of hazardous materials 2019 v.369 pp. 561-568
cobalt, compression strength, concrete, furnaces, gamma radiation, radionuclides, slags, steel
The present investigation highlights the utilization of Induction Furnace (IF) steel slag as a partial replacement for coarse aggregate in concrete. The concrete blocks of size 150 × 150 × 50 mm were casted and the effect of density, compressive strength, linear attenuation coefficient, Gamma Attenuation Factor (GAF) and Half Value Layer (HVL) has been explored. Gamma attenuation measurements were carried out using NaI (Tl) based gamma detector. Gamma ray source 60Co emitting two gamma energies 1.17 and 1.33 MeV was used for radiation measurements. The results of this present study shows that 50% of IF steel slag replacement increases the density (2.81 g/cm3) and compressive strength (29.11 N/mm2). The Linear attenuation coefficient (0.1953 cm−1–0.2236 cm−1) and GAF (0.6343–0.6710) is higher at 50% replacement of IF steel slag than conventional concrete. HVL values were also having positive impact in 50% replacement of IF steel slag (3.10 cm) in concrete than conventional concrete (3.55 cm). The partial replacement of IF steel slag as coarse aggregate in concrete is effective in gamma shielding.