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Effect of CaCl2 pre-treatment on the succinylation of potato starch

Wang, Jinwei, Ren, Fei, Huang, Hongjie, Wang, Yanhua, Copeland, Les, Wang, Shuo, Wang, Shujun
Food chemistry 2019 v.288 pp. 291-296
anhydrides, calcium chloride, crystal structure, emulsifying properties, enthalpy, gelatinization temperature, potato starch, starch, swelling (materials), viscosity
Potato starch was pre-treated with CaCl2 solutions prior to modification with octenyl succinic anhydride (OSA). Starch pre-treated with 1.0 M CaCl2 showed higher degree of substitution (DS) and reaction efficiency (RE) on OSA modification, whereas pre-treatment with CaCl2 solutions at 0.05 M, 0.1 M and 0.5 M had no effect on DS and RE. CaCl2 pre-treatment decreased the swelling power, paste clarity, peak viscosity (PV), breakdown (BD) and some textural parameters of potato starch, with the effects being greater at higher concentrations of CaCl2. Pre-treatment with 1.0 M CaCl2 caused a small disruption to starch crystallinity and granule morphology. OSA modification significantly decreased the textural parameters, PV, BD, relative crystallinity, swelling power, gelatinization temperatures and enthalpy of potato starch, but it increased the paste clarity and emulsifying activity. OSA-1.0 M-starch showed improved functional properties over OSA-starch, indicating that CaCl2 pre-treatment provides advantages for improving the functional characters of succinylated starch.