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Efficiency of four different dietary preparation methods in extracting functional compounds from dried tangerine peel

Zhang, Huijuan, Cui, Jiefen, Tian, Guifang, DiMarco-Crook, Christina, Gao, Wei, Zhao, Chengying, Li, Genyuan, Lian, Yunhe, Xiao, Hang, Zheng, Jinkai
Food chemistry 2019 v.289 pp. 340-350
Oriental traditional medicine, active ingredients, boiling, electronic tongue, essential oils, ethanol, flavonoids, models, response surface methodology, soaking, steaming, tangerines, temperature
Dried tangerine peel (DTP) is an excellent plant resource that has been used as ingredients for both food and traditional Chinese medicine. In this study, the efficiency of four different dietary preparation methods (i.e. soaking, boiling, steaming, and ethanol extraction) in extraction of functional compounds (i.e. flavonoids and essential oil constituents) from DTP was evaluated systematically for the first time. To conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the extraction of the functional compounds, a synthetic evaluation model based on a weighting method was established. The optimum conditions of each dietary preparation method (e.g., time, temperature, solid-liquid ratio, etc.) were determined by response surface methodology. Ethanol extraction showed the best extraction efficiency, followed by soaking, boiling, and steaming. Additionally, different DTP extracts were shown to be clearly distinguished by electronic eye and electronic tongue. This research provides essential findings for the effective dietary instruction of DTP consumption.