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miR-3622a promotes proliferation and invasion of bladder cancer cells by downregulating LASS2

Fu, Shi, Luan, Ting, Jiang, Changyi, Huang, Yinglong, Li, Ning, Wang, Haifeng, Wang, Jiansong
Gene 2019 v.701 pp. 23-31
bioinformatics, bladder, gene expression, microRNA, microarray technology, neoplasm cells, patients, tumor suppressor genes, urinary bladder neoplasms
As a tumor metastasis suppressor gene, LASS2 has been found to be negatively associated with the stage of bladder cancer and overall survival of patients. However, the mechanisms regulating LASS2 in bladder cancer remain poorly understood. Here, we aim to identify a miRNA that targets LASS2 from bladder cancer-associated miRNAs and to reveal its potential functions in bladder cancer cells. Through miRNA microarray and bioinformatics analyses, we identified miR-3622a as a negative regulator of LASS2. The expression levels of miR-3622a in bladder cancer tissues were negatively correlated with the overall survival of patients. Overexpression of miR-3622a significantly increased the proliferation and invasion abilities of bladder cancer cells. In conclusion, our results indicate that miR-3622a promotes the proliferation and invasion of bladder cancer cells by downregulating LASS2.