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Surveys of organic gunshot residue prevalence: Comparison between civilian and police populations

Manganelli, Manuela, Weyermann, Céline, Gassner, Anne-Laure
Forensic science international 2019 v.298 pp. 48-57
carbon, hands, liquid chromatography, police, surveys
This study investigated the prevalence of eight OGSR compounds in a civilian and a police population. Specimens were collected from the hands and sleeves of 122 civilians and 115 individuals working in police services using carbon stubs. Data was acquired using liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry.Results indicated a non-negligible prevalence in the civilian sample, with 18% of the 122 civilians sampled having one or more OGSR related compounds on their hands and 11.5% on their wrists or sleeves. For the police population, the prevalence was logically higher than for civilians, with 36.5% of the hand specimens and 33% of the wrist specimens positive for one or more compounds. A higher prevalence was expected for the second population due to the possession of service weapons regularly used during shooting exercises. These results demonstrate that the presence of one OGSR compound is not a rare occurrence, even in a civilian population. Considering the results of this research together with information on alternative sources of the targeted OGSR compounds can serve as a basis for OGSR interpretation in casework.