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Effect of different hydrocolloids on gluten proteins, starch and dough microstructure

Li, Jinxin, Yadav, Madhav P., Li, Jinlong
Journal of cereal science 2019 v.87 pp. 85-90
crosslinking, dough, electrostatic interactions, gelatinization, gluten, guar gum, hydrocolloids, hydrogen bonding, konjac mannan, lambda-carrageenan, microstructure, pectins, physicochemical properties, protein structure, retrogradation, starch, thermal properties
The possible interaction of six hydrocolloids with gluten proteins and starch has been investigated. It has been found that λ-carrageenan, high methoxyl orange pectin, guar gum and konjac glucomannan could form complexes with gluten proteins and induce more disordered but less crosslinked protein structures through electrostatic interactions and hydrogen bonding. In general, the effect of hydrocolloid on gluten is due to both interaction and incompatibility between hydrocolloids and gluten proteins. The results of dough microstructure also confirmed this statement. These four hydrocolloids also have strong hydrogen bonding capacity with starch, and show remarkable effect on starch gelatinization and retrogradation. The hydrogen bonding between hydrocolloids and starch also play a key role on starch thermal properties besides the physicochemical properties of hydrocolloids.