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Molecular characterization of Bu-1 and TLR2 gene in Haringhata Black chicken

Pal, Aruna, Pal, Abantika, Mallick, Amirul Islam, Biswas, P., Chatterjee, P.N.
Genomics 2020 v.112 no.1 pp. 472-483
B-lymphocytes, Toll-like receptor 2, Toll-like receptor 4, biosecurity, cell-mediated immunity, chickens, evolution, gene expression, genes, immune response, leucine, mammals, messenger RNA, rearing, transmembrane proteins, turkeys, vaccination, India, Japan
Haringhata Black is the only registered indigenous poultry genetic resource of West Bengal till date. Molecular characterization of HB revealed that Bu-1 to be highly glycoylated transmembrane protein unlike mammalian Bu-1, whereas TLR2 of HB chicken was observed to be rich in Leucine rich repeat. HB chicken was observed to be genetically close to chicken of Japan, while distant to chicken breed of UK and Chicago. Avian species wise evolution study indicates genetic closeness of HB chicken with turkey. Differential mRNA expression profile for the immune response genes (TLR2, TLR4 and Bu1 gene) were studied for HB chicken with respect to other chicken breed and poultry birds, which reveals that HB chicken were better in terms of B cell mediated immunity and hence better response to vaccination. Hence HB chicken is one of the best poultry genetic resources to be reared under backyard system where biosecurity measures are almost lacking.