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Energy-carbon performance and its changing trend: An example from China’s construction industry

Chen, Jiandong, Xu, Chong, Managi, Shunsuke, Song, Malin
Resources, conservation, and recycling 2019 v.145 pp. 379-388
carbon, construction industry, emissions, energy, energy conservation, China
Understanding energy-carbon performance (ECP) and its intrinsic characteristics is important for energy saving and emissions reduction in the construction industry. However, few studies have focused on energy or carbon performance simultaneously and their pattern over time. To address this gap, this study investigated the ECP in China’s construction industry and its convergence characteristics across various provinces. We first constructed an ECP index (ECPI) using non-radical directional distance functions for the construction industry during 2003–2016. We then analyzed the convergence of ECPI using the convergence method proposed by Phillis and Sul (2007). The results showed that the overall ECPI was generally stable with some fluctuations over the sampling period, and there was no evidence to support the occurrence of convergence in the ECPI across the sample set. Furthermore, two club convergences of ECPI were recorded. Finally, we propose valuable suggestions for policymakers based on empirical results.