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Preparation of magnesium-based two-dimensional phyllosilicate materials and simultaneous antioxidant drug intercalation

Kim, Seong Yeol, Choi, Yoo-Sung
Colloids and surfaces 2019 v.569 pp. 164-170
antioxidants, drugs, models, phase transition, physicochemical properties
Two-dimensional (2D) materials with unique physicochemical properties have extraordinary advantages for various applications. Among different modifications for such 2D materials, intercalation provides the highest doping level and induces phase changes in the materials. However, the intercalation process currently in use is complicated, involving exfoliation and lamination of sheets, as well as transportation of model molecules. In this paper, we describe a novel one-pot method for the synthesis of 2D phyllosilicate material sheets and simultaneous intercalation of a model molecules in 2D sheets. The intercalation was performed simultaneously to the synthesis of magnesium-based 2D phyllosilicate material sheets, without interrupting the phyllosilicate structure formation. The intercalant showed sustained release over 10 d, while preserving their sensitive activity. Based on the obtained results, we concluded that this approach facilitated simpler intercalation compared to other existing methods and could be applicable to the field of cosmetic engineering and biomedicine.