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Environmentally safe, durable and transparent superhydrophobic coating prepared by one-step spraying

Zhang, Chuan, Kalulu, Mulenga, Sun, Si, Jiang, Pengfei, Zhou, Xuan, Wei, Yingying, Jiang, Yong
Colloids and surfaces 2019 v.570 pp. 147-155
ambient temperature, coatings, contact angle, durability, glass, hydrophobicity, nanoparticles, silica, spraying, topography, transmittance
High transparency, excellent durability and simple preparation process are the three main factors for practical application of superhydrophobic coatings. Herein, we prepared a superhydrophobic (SH) suspension composed of hydrophobic SiO2 nanoparticles (about 10 nm) and fluorine-free resin. The as-prepared (SH) suspension was used to fabricate an SH coating with high transparency and durability via a simple spraying process. We found that the microscopic surface topography, water contact angle (WCA) and transmittance of the coating strongly depends on the ratio of the resin to nanoparticles. The optimum coating had a static WCA of 160°, a SA less than 3° and a CAH less than 8°. The average transmissivity of the coated glass in the visible light range (400-800 nm) reached 91.03%. Meanwhile, the coating has high impalement resistant and excellent flexibility (bending radius of 3.0 mm). Simple spraying process and room temperature curable coating could be applied on various substrates and large-scale production. In addition, the coating can repel various mixed liquids and has good anti-fouling ability. These rapidly constructed coatings, without complicated modification and reaction may offer potential benefits for the fabrication of large-area, robust, superhydrophobic and self-cleaning surfaces.