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An aptamer-based hook-effect-recognizable three-line lateral flow biosensor for rapid detection of thrombin

Gao, Ya, Zhu, Ziyu, Xi, Xiaoxue, Cao, Tingwei, Wen, Wei, Zhang, Xiuhua, Wang, Shengfu
Biosensors & bioelectronics 2019 v.133 pp. 177-182
antibodies, biosensors, blood serum, humans, oligonucleotides, rapid methods, thrombin
In this paper, a three-line LFB was successfully developed by adding a thrombin line to a conventional two-line LFB for the detection of thrombin in a wide range of human serum. We introduced a thrombin line between the test line and the control line. The concentration of thrombin in the sample was quantitatively related to the signal formation on the three lines of the LFB. We can make use of signal on three lines to quantitative determinate the thrombin by data processing. The detection range of thrombin concentrations measured in 10 min was 1 nM to 100 μM and the LOD was 0.85 nM. Our approach paves way for rapid and sensitive thrombin detection and a superior device for testing in a wide range of physiological concentrations, which also can be used in other hook-effect-limited aptamers or antibodies based sandwich LFBs, and has a high accuracy even within the range of the hook-effect.