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Study on eco-compensation standard for adjacent administrative districts based on the maximum entropy production

Zhou, Yejing, Zhou, Jingxuan, Liu, Helin, Xia, Meng
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.221 pp. 644-655
capital, ecosystem services, lakes, opportunity costs, China
The upper and lower limits of eco-compensation standards are theoretically determined respectively by ecosystem service value and opportunity cost. However, there are some unresolved problems in the study of the upper limit. The relationship between ecological service values and compensation standard is vague and there exists a huge gap in capital amount in practical applications. This paper proposes a solution of ecological service value analysis based eco-compensation standard in a real case between three administrative districts in E'zhou City, China. This research analysed the relationship of eco-compensation based on the principle of maximum entropy production and designed the calculation method of eco-compensation standard for adjacent administrative districts. It explored the research gap in the field of eco-compensation standard. As a result, Liangzi Lake district received 235.03 and 41.17 million CNY respectively from E'cheng and Huarong district in 2016. This study provides a novel and objective system solution of eco-compensation standard, which would facilitate the governments' financial transfer decision.