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Integrated scheduling of a hybrid manufacturing and recovering system in a multi-product multi-stage environment with carbon emission

Lu, Shan, Xie, Lei, Zhu, Li, Su, Hongye
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.222 pp. 695-709
carbon, decision making, environmental quality, greenhouses, models, sustainable manufacturing
The closed-loop network design of a hybrid manufacturing and recovering system plays an important role on improving both the production efficiency and environmental quality, especially under a multi-product multi-stage scenario. Besides, with the growing awareness of environmental concerns by legislators, decision makers have been forced not only to enhance utilization of the returned products or components but also to control carbon emission of the whole hybrid system. To optimize the closed-loop logistics superstructure design, a multi-objective model integrating the manufacturing and recovering process in a multi-product multi-stage environment is proposed in this research. Both operations cost and environmental influence are regarded as two objective categories. In addition, the carbon emission regulation is considered in the model by integrating and characterizing the energy input and greenhouse output throughout the hybrid system. Finally, a numerical case originated from an electronic assembly plant is presented under different scenarios to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. A sensitivity analysis is given to compare the impacts of carbon emission and return rate on each sub-objective of the logistics and environmental issues.