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Process optimization and kinetic analysis of malic acid production from crude glycerol using Aspergillus niger

Iyyappan, J., Bharathiraja, B., Baskar, G., Kamalanaban, E.
Bioresource technology 2019 v.281 pp. 18-25
Aspergillus niger, biotransformation, fermentation, glycerol, kinetics, malic acid, neural networks, pH, response surface methodology, yeast extract
In the present work, optimization of crude glycerol fermentation to produce malic acid by using Aspergillus niger was investigated using response surface methodology and artificial neural network. Kinetic investigation of bioconversion of crude glycerol into malic acid using Aspergillus niger was studied using Monod, Mosser, and Haldane-Andrew models. Crude glycerol concentration, initial pH and yeast extract concentration were found to be significant compounds affecting malic acid production by Aspergillus niger. Both dry cell weight and malic acid titre were found decreased with increase in crude glycerol concentration. Haldane-Andrew model gave the best fit for the production of malic acid from crude glycerol with µmax of 0.1542 h−1. The maximum malic acid production obtained under optimum conditions was 92.64 + 1.54 g/L after 192 h from crude glycerol using Aspergillus niger.