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Hydrothermal carbonization of Chinese fan palm

Yao, Zhongliang, Ma, Xiaoqian
Bioresource technology 2019 v.282 pp. 28-36
X-ray diffraction, combustion, decarboxylation, exergy, hydrochars, hydrothermal carbonization, lignite, scanning electron microscopy, temperature, water uptake
This study provided a detailed observation on hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) of Chinese fan palm. The heating value and chemical exergy was calculated. As the reaction severity increased, both heating value (18.84–27.61 MJ/kg) and chemical exergy (21.07–29.06 MJ/kg) had increase trend. The effect of temperature on HTC process was more significant than residence time. Due to the dehydration and decarboxylation, the O/C and H/C atomic ratios decreased gradually. However, the N/C ratio was not linear change. When the temperature was 240 °C, and reaction time was above 60 min, the fuel properties of hydrochar were close to lignite. The water uptake rate (7.22–3.59%) also had very decreased trend. The SEM and XRD analysis showed the surface morphology of hydrochar treated at 240 °C much differed from that of raw sample, the structure is partially destructed. Combustion characteristics of CFP and hydrochar was detected, the 180–60 had optimal combustion characteristics.