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Efficient fouling control using outer-selective hollow fiber thin-film composite membranes for osmotic membrane bioreactor applications

Tran, Van Huy, Lim, Sungil, Han, Dong Suk, Pathak, Nirenkumar, Akther, Nawshad, Phuntsho, Sherub, Park, Hyunwoong, Shon, Ho Kyong
Bioresource technology 2019 v.282 pp. 9-17
ammonium, cleaning, control methods, fouling, membrane bioreactors, municipal wastewater, osmosis, salinity, sodium chloride, thin film composite membranes, total organic carbon
This paper investigates the efficiency of fouling mitigation methods using a novel outer selective hollow fiber thin-film composite forward osmosis (OSHF TFC FO) membrane for osmosis membrane bioreactor (OMBR) system treating municipal wastewater. Two home-made membrane modules having similar transport properties were used. Two operation regimes with three different fouling mitigation strategies were utilized to test the easiness of membrane for fouling cleaning. These two membrane modules demonstrated high performance with high initial water flux of 14.4 LMH and 14.1 LMH and slow increase rate of mixed liquor’s salinity in the bioreactor using 30 g/L NaCl as draw solution. OMBR system showed high removals of total organic carbon and NH4 + -N (>98%). High fouling cleaning efficiency was achieved using OSHF TFC FO membrane with different fouling control methods. These results showed that this membrane is suitable for OMBR applications due to its high performance and its simplicity for fouling mitigation.