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Steam co-gasification of different ratios of spirit-based distillers’ grains and anthracite coal to produce hydrogen-rich gas

Lv, Jiwei, Ao, Xianquan, Li, Qian, Cao, Yang, Chen, Qianlin, Xie, Yan
Bioresource technology 2019 v.283 pp. 59-66
calcium, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, coal, gasification, hydrogen, potassium, steam, temperature
In this study, the gas release rate and gas composition in the steam gasification of blends of anthracite coal and spirit-based distillers’ grains (SDG) with mass ratios of 3:1, 1:1, and 1:3 were studied. The changes in the gasification reaction activity for different gasification temperatures and sample ratios were investigated, and the synergy between SDG and coal in terms of co-gasification was analysed. The results indicated that the instantaneous release rate of hydrogen was higher than that of other gases for all sample ratios. Upon the addition of SDG, the H2 content increased while CO and CO2 contents decreased. The gasification reactivity increased with decreased temperature and ratio of SDG. Furthermore, potassium and calcium in SDG ash played a synergistic catalytic role in the gasification reaction.