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Torrefaction performance of camellia shell under pyrolysis gas atmosphere

Xu, Xiwei, Li, Zonglin, Jiang, Enchen
Bioresource technology 2019 v.284 pp. 178-187
biomass, carbon dioxide, cellulose, chemical structure, combustion, heat, hemicellulose, hydrogen, methane, physical properties, pyrolysis, torrefaction
In order to complete using the pyrolysis gas and heat from biomass routine pyrolysis, the camellia shell was torrefied under PG atmosphere. And the chemical and physical properties of torrefied char obtained under N2 and pyrolysis gas were compared as well as the pyrolysis and combustion performance. Moreover, in order to investigate the mechanism of pyrolysis gas torrefaction, the influence of each composition such as H2, CO2 and CH4 in pyrolysis gas on the torrefaction performance was also been studied. The results show pyrolysis gas improves the volatile matter content and heat value of the torrefied char. Moreover, pyrolysis gas promotes the degradation of cellulose and hemicellulose. Chemical structure is different for torrefied char under pyrolysis gas and N2 atmosphere. And each composition in pyrolysis gas plays synergy role to the severity of torrefied char. The combustion kinetic of torrefied char were calculated using the Friedman method and the Ozawa-Flynn-Wall method.