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Photoprotection assessment of olive (Olea europaea L.) leaves extract standardized to oleuropein: In vitro and in silico approach for improved sunscreens

da Silva, Anne C.P., Paiva, Juliana P., Diniz, Raiane R., dos Anjos, Vitor M., Silva, Ana Beatriz S.M., Pinto, Alicia Viviana, dos Santos, Elisabete P., Leitão, Alvaro C., Cabral, Lucio M., Rodrigues, Carlos R., de Pádula, Marcelo, Santos, Bianca Aloise M.C.
Journal of photochemistry and photobiology 2019 v.193 pp. 162-171
Olea europaea, Polypodium, UV filters, absorption, antioxidants, leaf extracts, leaves, oleuropein, olive oil, olives, photochemistry, photostability, polyphenols, pruning, resveratrol, sunscreens, synergism, topical application, wastes, yeasts
Olive leaves contain higher amount of polyphenols than olive oil and represent a waste product from olive harvest and pruning of olive trees. The most abundant compound in olive leaves is oleuropein. Benefits of the topical application of olive leaves extract were previously reported, but little information is available on its photoprotective potential and the result of the association of this extract with organic UV filters in topical sunscreen formulations. The olive leaves extract photoprotective potential is less explored for both oral and topical photoprotection in comparison with other plants extracts and polyphenols, such as Polypodium leucotomos extract and resveratrol. There are increasing efforts towards developing more efficient sunscreens and a photoprotection assessement along with a better understanding of the photochemistry of naturally occurring sunscreens could aid the design of new and improved commercial sunscreen formulations. This study was designed to investigate the photoprotective potential of olive leaves extract standardized for oleuropein performing a set of in vitro and in silico tools as an innovative approach, highlighting yeast assays, in vitro Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and molecular modelling studies of UV absorption. This study supports the use of olive leaves extract for photoprotection, as an effective photoprotective, anti-mutagenic and antioxidant active, also showing a synergistic effect in association with UV filters with an improvement on in vitro SPF of sunscreen formulations.