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11-Ketotestosterone induces oocyte growth, but does not affect oocyte cytology in pre-vitellogenic captive beluga, Huso huso L

Akhavan, Sobhan R., Falahatkar, Bahram, Ward, Joanna M., Lokman, P. Mark
Comparative biochemistry and physiology 2019 v.232 pp. 51-59
Gadus morhua, Huso huso, Western blotting, apolipoprotein E, biopsy, blood serum, cholesterol, eel, gene expression, genes, histology, hydrolysis, lipoprotein lipase, low density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein receptors, messenger RNA, oocytes, ovarian development, salmon, triacylglycerols, very low density lipoprotein
An effect of 11-ketotestosterone (11-KT) on growth of previtellogenic (PV) ovaries of eel, salmon and Atlantic cod has been demonstrated. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 11-KT treatment (in vivo) on ovarian growth, on hormonal and biochemical changes in blood, and on ovarian mRNA levels of lipidation-related genes in captive beluga with PV oocytes. In addition, the potential involvement of lipoprotein lipase (Lpl), an important enzyme for extracellular hydrolysis of lipoprotein-associated lipids, was evaluated. Twelve beluga (4-year olds) were treated with an intraperitoneal slow-release implant of either 11-KT (2.5 mg) or a compressed matrix (control). Ovarian biopsy was done to obtain pre- (day 0: T0) and post-treatment (day 21: T21) data on histology and target gene expression. Three weeks of exposure resulted in an increase in serum 11-KT levels from 2.2 ng/mL to 83 ng/mL but did not yield significant changes in serum levels of triacylglycerides and cholesterol. Furthermore, 11-KT implantation increased oocyte diameters from 259 μm (T0) to 309 μm by T21. Regardless of the increase in oocyte size, ovaries remained in the PV stage, mostly as late perinucleolar oocytes. Meanwhile, at the molecular level, the expression of lipidation-related transcripts [lpl, apolipoprotein E (apoe), very low density lipoprotein receptors (vldlr), low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 8-like (lrp8)] was significantly up-regulated after three weeks. Immunostaining for Lpl by Western blotting indicated three immunoreactive bands (70, 58 and 37 kDa) in ovarian homogenates from beluga, but signal intensity was not affected by treatment. Altogether, the administration of 11-KT increased 11-KT serum levels, oocyte size, and the expression of genes associated with lipid uptake. However, this treatment did not advance ovarian development beyond the PV stage.