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The influence of dams on ecohydrological conditions in the São Francisco River Basin, Brazil

Nascimento do Vasco, Anderson, de Oliveira Aguiar Netto, Antenor, Gonzaga da Silva, Marinoé
International journal of ecohydrology & hydrobiology 2019
dams (hydrology), environmental impact, rivers, watersheds, Brazil
The increasing demand for water for multiple uses in the watershed of the São Francisco River makes the knowledge of the hydrological characteristics an important instrument so that the use of its resources are optimized with less environmental impact. The analysis of changes in the lower São Francisco River resulting from the successive introduction of dams along the passages and their environmental effects are extremely important when seeking the revival of this waterway. The objective of this study was to determine changes in flow regime in the periods before and after the construction of the Xingó reservoir on the São Francisco River and relate these changes with some ecological implications. For this, we used the method of hydrologic alteration indicators (IHA) and the method of the Environment Flow Components (EFCs). There was a reduction of −31%, −21% and −35% respectively for average, minimum and maximum flow when comparing the studied periods.