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What if? Mouse proteomics after gene inactivation

Gianazza, Elisabetta, Miller, Ingrid, Guerrini, Uliano, Palazzolo, Luca, Laurenzi, Tommaso, Parravicini, Chiara, Eberini, Ivano
Journal of proteomics 2019 v.199 pp. 102-122
DNA, animal models, animal tissues, gene silencing, gene targeting, genes, ligands, mice, molecular weight, nucleotide sequences, proteins, proteome, proteomics
The complex interactions among proteins and of proteins with small molecular weight protein ligands are overturned every time one of the components of the network is missing. For study purposes, animal models lacking one protein are obtained by experimental manipulation of the genome: in the knocking out approach, a gene is altered through the insertion of an artificial DNA sequence, which halts the transcription-translation sequence of events.In this review we have compiled the research papers that analyze the effects of knocking out individual genes on the proteomes of various tissues/organs throughout the body. We have gathered and organized all the available evidence and then compared the proteomic data in order to stress the context-specificity of the outcome every time two or more organs were investigated in the same KO mice. Finally, in a symmetrical approach to the above, we surveyed whether there is any obvious overlap among the effects of different KO on the same organ, marking affection of general pathways or lacking specificity of the gene targeting. Specific attention was put on the possible involvement of cellular stress markers.