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Screening of pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs for growth enhancement in paddy

Nysanth, N.S., Meenakumari, K.S., Syriac, Elizabeth K., Beena, R.
Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology 2019 v.18 pp. 101055
Methylobacterium, biomass production, cell membranes, chlorophyll, climatic factors, grain yield, growth promotion, leaves, paddies, phyllosphere, pot culture, proline, screening, India
A pot culture experiment was conducted to study the effect of PPFMs isolated from the phyllosphere of paddy collected from different agro climatic conditions of Kerala by leaf imprint method on growth and yield of paddy using variety Jyothi (Ptb-39). Application of PPFM isolates significantly increased growth, biomass production and yield of paddy. PPFM11 treated plants recorded the highest grain yield of 46.30 g hill−1 whereas the control recorded a grain yield of 33.65 g hill−1. The reference culture recorded a grain yield of 38.40 g hill−1. PPFM isolates significantly improved the chlorophyll content, cell membrane stability and proline content of the plant compared to untreated plants. The isolates PPFM11, PPFM16 and PPF19 were adjudged as superior isolates based on growth promotion efficacy and grain yield and yield attributes of paddy. These three isolates were identified as Methylobacterium spp. based on morphological, biochemical and molecular characteristics.