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Bioavailability and biological effects of bioactive compounds extracted with natural deep eutectic solvents and ionic liquids: advantages over conventional organic solvents

Murador, Daniella C, de Souza Mesquita, Leonardo M, Vannuchi, Nicholas, Braga, Anna Rafaela C, de Rosso, Veridiana V
Current opinion in food science 2019 v.26 pp. 25-34
antioxidant activity, bioactive compounds, bioavailability, human health, humans, ionic liquids, toxicity
The search for alternative methods for the extraction of bioactive compounds that are environmentally friendly and safe for human health is emerging. Natural deep eutectic solvents (NADES) and ionic liquids have been shown to be more efficient than the conventional organic solvents, leading to higher yields of bioactive compounds. However, more important than increasing yields, it is fundamental that the generated extracts preserve their biological effects and are not toxic to humans to represent possible and safe alternatives for food and pharmaceutical applications. Thus, this review aimed to evaluate the most recent works regarding the advantages of using alternative solvents over using conventional solvents by considering the biological effects of the extracts, including antioxidant activity, bioavailability and toxicity.