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Degradation of aniline by the combined process of ultrasound and hydrogen peroxide (US/H2O2)

Rahdar, Somayeh, Igwegbe, Chinenye Adaobi, Ghasemi, Mozhgan, Ahmadi, Shahin
MethodsX 2019
aniline, aqueous solutions, hydrogen peroxide, industrial effluents, oxidants, pH, ultrasonics, water resources
Aniline is an aromatic hydrocarbon discharged into the environment through certain industrial effluents, which thereby contaminate water resources. In this study, the performance of an oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with ultrasound (US) for the removal of aniline from its aqueous solution was examined. The treatability of contaminated effluent using US/H2O2 with a frequency of 50 Hz for the treatment of aniline-contaminated water was investigated. The effects of operational parameters such as H2O2 concentration (0.01–0.07 mol/L), initial aniline concentration (20–120 mg/L), contact time (15–90 min) and pH (3–11) on the degradation of aniline was examined. Optimal H2O2 concentration, initial aniline concentration and contact time were obtained as 0.01 mol/L, 20 mg/L, and 45 min. The degradation process was more efficient at pH of 3. Removal efficiency of 95.91% was achieved at these optimum conditions. The results indicate that the combined US and H2O2 process at optimal conditions can be applied for the degradation of aniline with great efficiency.