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Influencing factors for the purchase intention of consumers choosing bioplastic products in Germany

Klein, Florian, Emberger-Klein, Agnes, Menrad, Klaus, Möhring, Wiebke, Blesin, Julia-Maria
Sustainable Production and Consumption 2019
bioplastics, marketing, politics, pollution, regression analysis, stakeholders, Germany
Plastic pollution is a massive global issue and it is increasing. However, there are possible solutions besides the abstinence of plastic-consumption. Particularly, bioplastics could be one part of the solution. So far, there has been little research on the consumption of bioplastic-products and consumers’ choice behavior for bioplastics. We conducted the largest study so far, on preferences, choice, attitude, and perception in the context of bioplastics. Our sample of 1673 participants is representative of the German population including citizens 16 years of age and older, who were surveyed through an Online Access Panel. We conducted a logistic regression analysis combining the purchase intention for bioplastic-products as the dependent variable with 12 independent variables derived from the literature review. We found significant and comparably high influences on the purchase intention from the variables attitude towards bioplastics, green consumer values, product experience and interest in information on bioplastics. Politics and economic stakeholders promoting marketing and information activities related to bioplastic products can use the findings of this study.