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A novel light source provided by photobacteria to improve the growth of microalgal biofilm

Zhuang, Lin-Lan, Yu, Huifang, Yang, Ting, Sun, Shuo, Wang, Jinyun
Bioresource technology reports 2019 v.6 pp. 138-144
bioenergy, biofilm, biomass, microalgae, photosynthesis
Attached microalgae cultivation for biomass/bioenergy production has been proposed these decades to avoid the energy-intensive harvest process. However, the external light could only propagate <200 μm in biofilm, which inhibits the growth of microalgae in deep layer. In this paper, the possibility of using inner light emitted by mix-cultured photobacteria for attached microalgae growth was investigated. The luminance of photobacteria gradually increased along with their growth. However, it would fade after approximately 14 h in one-time feed cultivation, which could be recovered by refreshing medium. By scattering photobacteria in the middle of microalgae, light emitted from photobacteria could be utilized for the photosynthesis of microalgae. It was found that the involvement of photobacteria could promote the algal biofilm growth from 9.6 mg to 11.5 mg under the natural condition for a 7-day cultivation, which needed to be further strengthened.