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Managing a tourism destination as a viable complex system. The case of Arbatax Park

Iandolo, Francesca, Fulco, Irene, Bassano, Clara, D’Amore, Raffaele
Land use policy 2019 v.84 pp. 21-30
case studies, tourism, viability, Sardinia
The aim of the paper is to propose a view of territory based on a systems perspective, in order to identify the levers on which to act to improve, particularly, a tourism destination value. The theoretical approach adopted herein is based on systems theory and, in particular, on the conceptualizations of the Viable Systems Approach (vSa). Starting from the definition of the elements that mostly effect the development of a specific territory, our contribution proposes an integrated approach to a tourism destination with the aim of enhancing the complex of resources that are included within a specific territory in order to increase its potential cultural value and viability. The focus is on the development of tourism in the Sardinia Region, where Arbatax Park represents a case study that offers interesting insights into the relevance of a shift in the territory perspective, specifically when the area is referred to as a tourism destination.