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A multiple-criteria decision-making model for the selection of a hotel location

Popovic, Gabrijela, Stanujkic, Dragisa, Brzakovic, Miodrag, Karabasevic, Darjan
Land use policy 2019 v.84 pp. 49-58
models, mountains, multi-criteria decision making, prioritization, tourists
The primary objective of this paper is to give an efficient model for the selection of an optimal location for the construction of a tourist hotel. The application of the multiple-criteria decision-making – MCDM methods is proposed because the examined problem is related to a set of alternatives that should be estimated against a set of conflicting criteria. The proposed model includes the application of the adapted step-wise weight assessment ratio analysis – SWARA for the determination of the weights of criteria and the Weighted Sum method, based on the decision-maker's preferred levels of performances – WS PLP for the final prioritization and ranking of alternative locations. The applicability of the proposed model is demonstrated through a concrete example, which includes the consideration of six Serbian mountains as the potential locations where a tourist hotel could be constructed.