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Whole cereal protein-based Pickering emulsions prepared by zein-gliadin complex particles

Liu, Xiao, Huang, Yun-Qi, Chen, Xiao-Wei, Deng, Zhuo-Yao, Yang, Xiao-Quan
Journal of cereal science 2019 v.87 pp. 46-51
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, droplet size, droplets, emulsions, ethanol, flocculation, food industry, gliadin, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, ingredients, scanning electron microscopes, stabilizers, viscoelasticity, wettability, zein
Zein and gliadin are both cereal proteins, indicating that they are highly compatible. In this study, gliadin was firstly added to zein to achieve different zein/gliadin ratios in aqueous ethanol solution, then we synthesized zein-gliadin complex particles (ZGCP) via an antisolvent approach and investigated their efficiency as stabilizers to fabricate Pickering emulsions. The addition of gliadin affected the self-assembly, aggregation and wettability of ZGCP. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) showed that spherical zein particles were transformed into aggregation of nano-sized ZGCP, and FTIR results indicated that weak flocculation behavior of ZGCP involved in intermolecular β-sheet interactions. Furthermore, relatively hydrophilic gliadin was used to modify the hydrophobic property of zein, resulting in formation of near-neutral wettability of ZGCP. Compared with zein or gliadin, ZGCP tend to form a dense interfacial layer around droplet and smaller emulsion droplet size, endowing ZGCP-stabilized emulsions with higher viscoelastic attributes and much better stability against coalescence. This finding may develop theoretical and technical supports for the utilization of the whole cereal protein-based Pickering emulsions as novel natural ingredients in food industry.