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First de-novo transcriptome assembly, annotation and expression profiles of a freshwater snail (Semisulcospira coreana) fed with chlorella supplement

Lee, Sang Yoon, Lee, Sang-Min, Kim, Yi Kyung
Marine genomics 2019
Chlorella, chlorophyllase, feeds, freshwater, gene expression, gene expression regulation, gene ontology, genes, ingestion, messenger RNA, physiological response, snails, transcriptome
The aim of this study was to develop the transcriptome resource of Semisulcospira coreana that would support development of commercial feeds and physiological studies. We compared mRNA expression in S. coreana to determine gene transcripts that were differentially regulated responding two feeding conditions (with or without chlorella). A total of 13.1 G raw reads were obtained and assembled using the CLC Genomics Workbench v 11.0, resulting in 134,402 transcripts with an average length of 694 bp and N50 of 1058 bp. Subsequently, we performed functional gene annotations using BLASTx NR, Gene Ontology (GO), InterProScan, and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG). We identified differentially expressed antioxidant-related genes and chlorophyllase (CLH) between the control and experimental groups. This data provides the first insight into the physiological response of S. coreana to chlorella ingestion at the transcriptome level and will be the basis for the study of S. coreana gene resources.