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Duration analysis on the adoption behavior of green control techniques

Gao, Yang, Zhao, Duanyang, Yu, Lili, Yang, Haoran
Environmental science and pollution research international 2019 v.26 no.7 pp. 6319-6327
education, family farms, farm size, farmers, households, local government, males, models, risk, surveys
Based on field survey data of 366 traditional households (THs) and 364 family farms (FFs) from Huang-Huai-Hai Plain, a discrete-time cloglog model for parameter estimation was constructed to reveal factors that affect the two types of farms’ duration from the awareness to the adoption of green control techniques (GCTs). Differences in the influencing factors affecting the duration of the two types of farmers were also discussed. The research results are as follows. First, the duration from awareness to adoption of GCTs is significantly shorter in FFs than that in THs. Second, a higher degree of education, risk preference, family financial status, perceived ease of use and usefulness of the technique, and extension of media and supervision of agricultural technique extension departments of local governments significantly reduce the duration from awareness to adoption of GCTs by THs and FFs, whereas a male head of household prolongs the duration. Third, the age, farm size, and number of laborers exert different impacts on the duration from awareness to adoption of GCTs by THs and FFs.