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Nutritional analysis and evaluation of the consumer acceptance of pork pâté enriched with cricket powder - preliminary study

Smarzyński, Krzysztof, Sarbak, Paulina, Musiał, Szymon, Jeżowski, Paweł, Piątek, Michał, Kowalczewski, Przemysław Łukasz
Open Agriculture 2019 v.4 no.1 pp. 159-163
Orthoptera, color, consumer acceptance, edible insects, ingredients, minerals, nutritive value, pork, vitamins
The growing interest in insects as food ingredients on the one hand is controversial, on the other is in line with the recommendations of international organizations, such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Crickets, as well as cricket powder (CP), are a source of high quality protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. This paper analyzes the impact of CP additive (2%, 6% and 10%) on the nutritional value and consumer acceptance of enriched pâtés. It was shown that the CP additive significantly increases the content of protein, fat and minerals. It also changes the color of the product, which is darker (lower L* value), and the color balance is shifted towards the blue. Consumer assessment showed that the 2% CP additive allows to obtain a product of high attractiveness for consumers.