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Enhanced photoluminescence and energy transfer performance of Y₃Al₄GaO₁₂:Mn⁴⁺,Dy³⁺ phosphors for plant growth LED lights

Xia, Mao, Gu, Simin, Zhou, Cheng, Liu, Longhai, Zhong, Yuan, Zhang, Yongli, Zhou, Zhi
RSC advances 2019 v.9 no.16 pp. 9244-9252
agricultural industry, chlorophyll, emissions, energy transfer, manganese, photoluminescence, plant growth, spectral analysis
Plant growth LEDs have attracted broad attention in modern society, desperate for specific phosphors with a characteristic emission band. A novel Mn⁴⁺ and Dy³⁺ co-doped Y₃Al₄GaO₁₂ phosphor were successfully prepared through a conventional high-temperature solid-state reaction. A three band emission including red (625–700 nm), orange (550–607 nm) and blue (462–490 nm) is observed in these phosphors when excited under a near-UV lamp, which is ascribed to ²E → ⁴A₂ of Mn⁴⁺, ⁴F₉/₂ → ⁶H₁₅/₂ and ⁴F₉/₂ → ⁶H₁₃/₂ of Dy³⁺, respectively. The three emissions match the absorption spectra of chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B well. Meanwhile, the energy transfer from Dy³⁺ to Mn⁴⁺ was confirmed by the luminescence spectra and lifetime analysis. Finally, an LED device was fabricated that consisted of a 365 nm ultraviolet chip and the Y₃Al₄GaO₁₂:Mn⁴⁺,Dy³⁺ phosphor. The excellent properties indicate that the synthesized phosphor has a promising application in the optical agricultural industry.