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Experimental study on explosion process of flour deposits/air mixture in horizontal pipelines

Zhang, Qi, Yan, Qi
Powder technology 2019 v.346 pp. 273-282
aerodynamics, air, combustion, dust, physical properties, pipelines, powders, wheat flour
Combustion and explosion of flour is a popular research topic in the field of dust explosion. In this study, combustion and explosion processes of a two-phase flow of wheat flour in a pipeline are investigated using a horizontal dust combustion explosion experimental pipeline system with a length of 5.5 m and diameter of 100 mm. Physical properties of flour dust dispersed under different aerodynamic conditions are compared experimentally. The average characteristic diameter of the intrinsic characteristic of wheat flour D50 was 36.80 μm; the suspension characteristics of dust particles in the pipeline under pneumatic action are also obtained. When the density of the flour in the pipe is 800 g/m3, the flame speed reaches a maximum of 289 m/s. When the quality of flour placed in the pipe continues to increase, after reaching 1000 g, the flame speed of the flour–air mixture explosion decreases.