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Immobilization of nano Cu-MOFs with polydopamine coating for adaptable gasotransmitter generation and copper ion delivery on cardiovascular stents

Fan, Yonghong, Zhang, Yu, Zhao, Qian, Xie, Yinhong, Luo, Rifang, Yang, Ping, Weng, Yajun
Biomaterials 2019 v.204 pp. 36-45
catalysts, coagulation, coatings, coordination polymers, copper, endothelial cells, hyperplasia, inflammation, macrophages, models, myocytes, nitric oxide, platelet aggregation, signal transduction, smooth muscle, synergism, thrombosis, titanium
In-stent restenosis is worsened by thrombosis, acute inflammation, and uncontrollable smooth muscle cells (SMCs) proliferation at the early stage of implantation. Tailoring the stent surface can inhibit thrombosis, intimal hyperplasia, and accelerate re-endothelialization. In situ nitric oxide (NO) generation is considered as a promising method to improve anti-coagulation and anti-hyperplasia abilities. Copper based metal organic frameworks showed great potential as catalysts for NO generation, and copper ion (Cu2+) was demonstrated to promote endothelial cells (ECs) growth. Herein, by using polydopamine as the linker and coating matrix, nanoscale copper-based metal organic frameworks (nano Cu-MOFs) were immobilized onto the titanium surface for simultaneous nitric oxide (NO) catalytic generation and Cu2+ delivery. The nano Cu-MOFs-immobilized coating exhibited desirable NO release and adaptable Cu2+ delivery. Such coating inhibited platelet aggregation and activation via NO-cGMP signaling pathway, and significantly reduced thrombosis in an ex vivo extracorporeal circulation model. NO release and Cu2+ delivery showed synergetic effect to promote EC proliferation. Moreover, SMCs and macrophage proliferation was suppressed by the nano Cu-MOFs-immobilized coating, thereby reducing neointimal hyperplasia in vivo. Overall, this biocompatible coating is convenient for the surface modification of cardiovascular stents and effectively prevents the late stent thrombosis and in-stent restenosis associated with stent implantation.