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Current and future hydropower development in Southeast Asia countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar)

Tang, Shengwen, Chen, Jingtao, Sun, Peigui, Li, Yang, Yu, Peng, Chen, E.
Energy policy 2019 v.129 pp. 239-249
clean energy, economic development, energy, energy policy, water power, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand
This work discusses the development of hydropower in four Southeast Asia countries. With rapid economic development and insufficient energy supply, hydropower, as an important clean energy, plays a bigger role than before. It is shown that hydropower has immense potential and is the best choice to cater for the energy demand in Southeast Asia. In this work, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar are selected to analyze their hydropower development. This work introduces the status of hydropower resources, the current situation of hydropower development and the main distribution of hydropower stations in the four countries. In addition, the paper also introduces some energy policies, the development advantages and obstacles of the four countries, and puts forward suggestions for the future hydropower development of these four countries.