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VGSC2: Second generation vector graph toolkit of genome synteny and collinearity

Xu, Yiqing, Wang, Qi'ang, Tanon Reyes, Luis, Cheng, Feng, Bi, Changwei, Ye, Ning, Wu, Guoxin
Genomics 2019
Internet, evolution, genes, genomics, germplasm conservation, graphs, user interface
Synteny and collinearity analysis is a standard investigative strategy done in many comparative genomic studies to understand genomic conservation and evolution. Currently, most visualization toolkits of synteny and collinearity do not emphasize the graphical representation of the results, especially the lack of extensible format on vector graphics outputs. This limitation becomes more apparent as 3rd generation sequencing brings high-throughput data, requiring relatively higher resolution for the resulting images. We developed VGSC2, the 2nd version of the web-based vector graph toolkit for genome synteny and collinearity analysis. The updated version enables four types of plots for synteny and collinearity, and three types of plots for gene family evolutionary research. Using web-based technologies, VGSC2 provides an easy-to-use user interface to display the homologous genomic result into vector graphs such as SVG, EPS, and PDF, as well as an online editor. VGSC2 is open source and freely available for use online through the web server available at