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3D hierarchical hollow hydrangea-like Fe3+@ɛ-MnO2 microspheres with excellent electrochemical performance for dopamine and hydrogen peroxide

Song, Haiyan, Zhao, Hui, Zhang, Xianfa, Xu, Yingming, Cheng, Xiaoli, Gao, Shan, Huo, Lihua
Biosensors & bioelectronics 2019 v.133 pp. 250-257
biosensors, blood serum, detection limit, dopamine, electrochemistry, hot water treatment, hydrogen peroxide, microparticles, nanosheets, urine
Construction a sensor to accurately detect dopamine (DA) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is meaningful due to their close relation to the health of organisms. In this work, one-step hydrothermal method was employed to synthesize hierarchical hollow hydrangea-like Fe3+@ɛ-MnO2 microspheres constructed by interconnected nanosheets, and the growth mechanism of the microspheres (nFe/nMn = 0.6) was also investigated in detail. The material was used to construct an electrochemical sensor for DA and H2O2 detection with the linear range of 0.02–78 μmoL−1 and 0.000133–5.19 mmoL−1, respectively. The detection limit and sensitivity for DA and H2O2 are 5 and 50 nmoL−1 (S/N = 3), 7034.1 and 242.6 µA m(mol·L−1)−1 cm−2, respectively. Furthermore, the sensor was successfully applied to the detection of DA and H2O2 in serum and urine samples, indicating a potential value of this work in the pharmaceutical and environmental fields.