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Risk assessment of the life-cycle of the Used Cooking Oil-to-biodiesel supply chain

Ηatzisymeon, Maria, Kamenopoulos, Sotiris, Tsoutsos, Theocharis
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.217 pp. 836-843
biodiesel, cooking, cooking fats and oils, issues and policy, kitchen waste, risk management, stakeholders, supply chain, toxic substances
Due to the European favorable policy, the process to convert Used Cooking Oil (UCO) into biodiesel has resulted in a rapid increase over the last years. However, the manufacture of biodiesel can be hazardous if suitable precautions are not taken, as it involves the storage, handling and use of several hazardous substances. Although the rise in the number of biodiesel process plants and new operators has resulted in a number of incidents resulting in loss of life and property, publications concern the risks regarding the production of UCO based biodiesel are limited. By taking into account the high rise of the biodiesel industry and UCO collection it is essential to develop an operational risk management tool. The scope of this paper is: (i) the clarification of the importance of safety during the production (life cycle) of UCO based biodiesel; (ii) the identification of probable hazards incorporated to the overall production process of UCO based biodiesel; and (iii) the assessment of these hazards by stakeholders. In this way, there will be available data which allow to check the performance and to avoid mishap recurrence, by identifying the converse incidents which are more likely to occur.