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Barriers to Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation in China's prefabricated construction: An interpretive structural modeling (ISM) approach

Tan, Tan, Chen, Ke, Xue, Fan, Lu, Weisheng
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.219 pp. 949-959
models, questionnaires, surveys, China
It is widely recognized that Building Information Modeling (BIM) can facilitate the delivery of prefabricated construction. Nevertheless, the actual practice of BIM faces several barriers. A range of existing studies and literature have discussed these barriers extensively, but two research questions remain unanswered. First, what are the unique barriers facing the use of BIM in China's prefabricated construction? Second, how do these barriers interrelate with one another? This research aims to address these two questions. Conducting a two-round literature review and a questionnaire survey ascertained twelve barriers acutely affecting the Chinese experience of applying BIM to prefabricated construction. In addition, Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) was used to identify interrelationships among these barriers. The exercise found that, compared with the cost-related issues suggested by previous studies that focused on general BIM implementation barriers, the lack of research about BIM in China and the absence of standards and domestic-oriented tools are likely the biggest hindrances to the practical application of BIM in China's prefabricated construction. This study contributes to the knowledge body by revealing major barriers to BIM implementation in China's prefabricated construction and crafting a corresponding three-level strategy to facilitate the possible implementation. The findings of this study can thus act as a practical reference for future research attempting to provide technological and managerial solutions to improve BIM implementation in China's prefabricated construction.