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Optimization of airfoil Based Savonius wind turbine using coupled discrete vortex method and salp swarm algorithm

Masdari, Mehran, Tahani, Mojtaba, Naderi, Mohammad Hossein, Babayan, Narek
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.222 pp. 47-56
algorithms, blades, geometry, wind power, wind turbines
In this research study, the optimization study of an airfoil type Savonius turbine is presented, focusing on maximizing the power coefficient. For this purpose, a Discrete Vortex Method (DVM) code for calculating power coefficient, a Class Shape Transfer (CST) function code for generating coordinates of airfoils and a Salp Swarm Algorithm (SSA) code for optimization have been developed. These three codes are coupled and an optimization procedure is generated. The decision variables of the mentioned problem are the CST function coefficients and the objective is the power coefficient. For verification of the results, CFD simulations are utilized. The results indicate that the achieved geometry could increase the power coefficient of a conventional Savonius turbine up to 27%. Also, the physical results indicate that the suction area and pressure magnitude of the pressure side of the airfoil type turbine is more extensive than simple type Savonius turbine at the optimization TSR. Therefore, in the airfoil type wind turbine, the great pressure difference causes more force at the surface of blades and in results, an increase in power coefficient occurs.