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Factor analysis of the eating disorder diagnostic scale in individuals with bipolar disorder

Scott Crow, Thomas J. Blom, Leslie Sim, Alfredo B. Cuellar-Barboza, Joanna M. Biernacka, Mark A. Frye, Susan L. McElroy
Eating behaviors 2019 v.33 pp. 30-33
binging, eating disorders, factor analysis, personality disorders
To examine the potential factor structure of the Eating Disorder Diagnostic Scale (EDDS) in a sample of individuals with bipolar disorder.Exploratory common factor analyses were conducted in a sample of 1031 people with bipolar disorder as defined by the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV-TR.Approximately 27% of participants had a comorbid eating disorder. Exploratory factor analysis yielded a 3 factor solution (i.e., shape/weight concerns; binge eating behaviors, compensatory behavior).The 3-factor solution of the EDDS in a bipolar disorder sample is consistent with major eating disorder symptom domains. Future research is necessary to replicate these findings in eating disorder samples with diverse comorbid psychopathology.