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Physiological and productive parameters of the okra under irrigation levels

dos Santos Farias, Diego Bispo, da Silva, Paulo Silas Oliveira, Tadeu Lucas, Ariovaldo Antonio, de Freitas, Maria Iderlane, de Jesus Santos, Tiago, Nascimento Fontes, Pryanka Thuyra, de Oliveira Júnior, Luiz Fernando Ganassali
Scientia horticulturae 2019 v.252 pp. 1-6
chlorophyll, crop yield, fluorescence, gas exchange, irrigation rates, okra, water stress
Plants undergoing any kind of water stress, whether due to excess or lack of water, undergo changes in their biochemical and physiological system, compromising their development. The effects of different irrigation levels on the physiological parameters (chlorophyll content, chlorophyll a fluorescence and gas exchange) and yield of okra were evaluated. Four levels of irrigation were evaluated (very low (25% of ETc); low (50% of ETc); moderate (75% of ETc) and well-irrigated (100% of ETc). The values of chlorophyll a and b increased when irrigation levels intensified, with a higher value at the well-irrigated level, with an increase of 12.10% and 64.2%, respectively. For the Fv, (Fv / Fm), (Fv / Fo) and (Fo / Fm), the highest increase was found in irrigated plants at a well-irrigated level, with values 13.23%, 10.52%, 17.41%, 20.22% highers, respectively, in relation to the very low irrigated level. The variables A, Gs, Ci, E, VPD, A Gs−1 and A Ci−1 were influenced by the irrigation levels, where it was verified that the well-irrigated level raised 242,54%, 145.45%, 50.79%, 252.19%, 21.56%, 41.28% and 193.56%, respectively, when compared to the very low irrigated level. Associated with the values of the physiological parameters, the highest productivity came up in irrigated plants at the well-irrigated level, with an increment of 338.70% in relation to the productivity obtained in irrigated plants at very low irrigated level. The outcomes present valuable information that okra producers should adopt the irrigation technique in a rational way, providing the best level of irrigation for the plants according to the required need.