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Exergy loss based allocation method for hybrid renewable-fossil power plants applied to an integrated solar combined cycle

Iora, Paolo, Beretta, Gian Paolo, Ghoniem, Ahmed F.
Energy 2019 v.173 pp. 893-901
electricity, exergy, power plants, solar energy
This paper presents a novel Exergy Loss based (EL) allocation method for the electricity produced in hybrid renewable-fossil power plants. The rationale behind this approach is that the electricity allocated to the fossil and renewable resources are obtained by subtracting from the respective source input exergies, the corresponding exergy losses, that are identified by dividing the plant into three parts; namely: the renewable, fossil and hybrid sections. The advantage of this approach is that the allocation is based only on the performance of the power plant given by its internal exergy balances, and hence the results are independent from any external arbitrary assumptions on the reference conversion efficiencies of the two resources, as it is typical of classical methods. We show that the allocations obtained using the proposed EL approach, applied to an existing integrated solar combined cycle, are consistent and comparable with the allocations obtained using the Separate Production Reference (SPR) method, as long as reasonable efficiency values of the reference scenario are selected.