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Development and Validation of UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of 5-Hydroxymethyl Furfural Content in Canned Malt Drinks and Fruit Juices in Ghana

Adu, Joseph K., Amengor, Cedric D. K., Orman, Emmanuel, Ibrahim, Nurudeen Mohammed, Ifunanya, Maryjane O., Arthur, Dylan F.
Journal of food quality 2019 v.2019
absorption, acetonitrile, beverages, fruit juices, hydroxymethylfurfural, malt, manufacturing, solvents, spectrophotometers, storage time, ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, wavelengths, Ghana
A simple, rapid, accurate, and less expensive spectrophotometric method has been developed for the quantitation of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural (5-HMF) levels in canned malt drinks and fruit juice drinks sampled in the Kumasi Metropolis, Ghana. The quantitation is based on the selective maximum absorption of ultraviolet radiation by 5-HMF at the wavelength (λₘₐₓ) of 284 nm using acetonitrile : water (50 : 50 v/v) as the solvent system. The method was established to be specific, precise, and accurate over a concentration range of 0.001 mg/ml–0.02 mg/ml. 5-HMF levels in fruit juice samples (A1–A10) were between 0.132 mg/ml and 0.438 mg/ml, and these levels were shown to be comparable (t = 2.200;p=0.0553) to the contents in the canned malt samples (M1–M10) which were between 0.3140 mg/ml and 0.7170 mg/ml. The study failed to show any dependence of 5-HMF levels on the composition of the product as well as the manufacturing process adopted. The length of storage did also not significantly affect the 5-HMF levels in the products.