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Post-assembly Fabrication of a Functional Multicomponent Supramolecular Hydrogel Based on a Self-Sorting Double Network

Tanaka, Wataru, Shigemitsu, Hajime, Fujisaku, Takahiro, Kubota, Ryou, Minami, Saori, Urayama, Kenji, Hamachi, Itaru
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2019 v.141 no.12 pp. 4997-5004
adenosine triphosphate, antibodies, hydrogels, mixing, sarcosines
Living cells exhibit sophisticated functions because they contain numerous endogenous stimuli-responsive molecular systems that independently and cooperatively act in response to an external circumstance. On the other hand, artificial soft materials containing multiple stimuli-responsive molecular systems are still rare. Herein, we demonstrate a unique multicomponent hydrogel composed of a self-sorting double network prepared through a post-assembly fabrication (PAF) protocol. The PAF protocol allowed the construction of a well-ordered hydrogel with a dual-biomolecule response to two important biomolecules (adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and sarcosine). Such a hydrogel could not be prepared through a one-step mixing protocol. The resultant multicomponent hydrogel responded to ATP and sarcosine through gel–sol transition behavior programmed in an AND logic gate fashion. Finally, we applied the multicomponent hydrogel to the controlled release of an antibody.