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A green electrochemical transformation of inferior coals to crystalline graphite for stable Li-ion storage

Zhu, Zhenglu, Zuo, Haibin, Li, Shijie, Tu, Jiguo, Guan, Wei, Song, Wei-Li, Zhao, Jun, Tian, Donghua, Jiao, Shuqiang
Journal of materials chemistry A 2019 v.7 no.13 pp. 7533-7540
calcium chloride, coal, electrochemistry, electrodes, graphene, lithium batteries, value-added products
With the increasing demand for the efficient utilization of global resources, green strategies for the transformation of inferior coals to highly value-added products are largely required. In this study, a green approach was demonstrated for the conversion of inferior coals into crystalline graphite using a simple purification and high-efficiency electrochemical method. After being processed in the molten CaCl₂ salt under 2.6 V at 950 °C for 6 h, the products presented a highly graphitic structure with high degree of graphitization. The as-prepared graphite was employed as a negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries, delivering a highly reversible capacity of 510 mA h g⁻¹ at 1C. High-performance lithium-ion storage represents an efficient green strategy to reuse inferior coals for conversion into value-added products via a more sustainable route.