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A2A2 milk: Brazilian consumers’ opinions and effect on sensory characteristics of Petit Suisse and Minas cheeses

Oliveira Mendes, Mariana, Ferreira de Morais, Murielle, Ferreira Rodrigues, Jéssica
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2019 v.108 pp. 207-213
beta-casein, cheesemaking, cheeses, consumer attitudes, focus groups, manufacturing, marketing strategies, markets, milk, questionnaires, sensory evaluation, sensory properties, texture
β-casein (β-CN) A1 and A2 variants recently been gaining increasing interest from both researchers and consumers, stimulating a new trend in the dairy market. However, there are few reports about the A2 milk usage in dairy manufacturing and consumer perceptions. Thus, this study aimed to assess the effects of the β-CN A2 on sensory characteristics of Petit Suisse and Minas cheeses; and evaluate the Brazilian consumer opinions about A2 products and their market potential. Triangular, focus group, Temporal Dominance of Sensations and acceptance sensory tests were performed. An online questionnaire was also applied. Different texture sensory profiles were observed between the Minas Frescal samples, being the A2 cheese characterized as softer and creamier. No significant sensory difference were detected for the Petit Suisse cheeses. Although the type of milk used in the Minas Frescal cheese manufacturing promoted different sensory characteristics, both products showed good sensory acceptances, which indicates that the A2A2 milk can be promising for dairy innovation. Brazilian consumers reported that they did not read labels and the information about the type of milk frequently. Therefore, it is important to develop marketing strategies to publicize the benefits related to the A2A2 milk, stimulating their purchase process by consumers.